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We offer both webinars and in-person classes to help you master CabWriter and SketchUp. Our in-person classes take place at the New England School of Architectural Woodworking in beautiful western Massachusetts. Click here for directions to the facility.

Our webinars are held using the Join.me online meeting platform. Simply click on the link given in the webinar description from any web browser to join the meeting. During the webinar, you will view the instructor’s computer screen and follow along during the demonstrations. You may also share your screen with the instructor if you want help with something on your computer. You can ask questions both verbally and in writing during the Webinars.

Even though the Webinars are free, we ask you to register for the event so we know how many people to expect.

On a phone or tablet, launch the join.me app and enter access code for the webinar you’re attending.

Important Note: While you’re allowed to use the audio on your computer with your computer’s microphone, we request that you dial in using your phone from the following number. We have found that the computer audio is unreliable and that dialing in from your phone gives a much higher quality experience. Use the following number to dial in from the US.

1.860.970.0010                  Enter the Access Code for the Webinar you’re attending followed by the # 

If dialing in from outside the US, click here for the list of international numbers available

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