SketchUp Textures

Below are three groups of wood textures free for you to download and use when texturing your SketchUp and CabWriter models.  All are in bitmap (.bmp) format which SketchUp requires for textures. The Converted Textures folder contains textures that have been converted to a 4 way book match in both vertical and horizontal configurations for use with the CabWriter 5 automatic texturing function.

The textures on this page will only be visible if you are logged in and have an up to date support membership.

Share your converted texture files with other CabWriter users…

In the box below, you can upload any textures that you’ve created for the CabWriter texturing tool.  This means that the texture has been converted to a four way book match and there are two files; one horizontal and one vertical.  The file names must be identical with one ending in H and one with V.  For example, White Oak H and White Oak V.  The files must be in .bmp or bitmap format or the upload will be rejected.

Saving Textures on a Mac

Chris, one of our beta testers kindly figured out how to save textures, such as colors, from a Mac and created a short movie below. It’s not as straightforward as on the PC, but it works. Once you have it unzipped, you can move it to the “CabWriter->Texture Files” folder in your plugins folder as two copies; one appended with a H and one with a V as shown in the webinar.  Thanks, Chris!