CabWriter Support Membership

The CabWriter Support Membership is a yearly support plan that provides a number of benefits, including free upgrades to new major releases of software such as CabWriter 5. Maintenance releases are always free.

You will receive a free one year membership with any new CabWriter purchase, with the option to renew yearly after that. Renewal costs $120 for CabWriter Pro and/or CNC, or $20 for CabWriter Home. If you have an active membership when a major new release, such as CabWriter 5, occurs you’ll be able to upgrade for free. If your membership has expired, you will have to purchase it for full price.

Important Note: Your CabWriter license never expires; you do not need a Support Membership to continue using your software, only to take advantage of the support benefits listed below. You can still take advantage of all of our training videos and view the forums.

Your Support Membership includes the following benefits:

  • 5 hrs. of phone support per year.

    Additional phone support hours are $30/hr. with paid support membership. $50/hr. without a support membership. Please submit a Support Ticket to schedule.

  • Unlimited Online Support

    Post on our forum at any time to report bugs, issues, or to get help.

  • Free Major Software Upgrades

    Upgrade to CabWriter 5 and future major revisions for free with an active membership.

  • Free Online SketchUp Class

    Take our own Joe Zeh’s online SketchUp class for free.

  • Submit Support Request

    Have a question about how to use CabWriter, submit a bug, suggest a new feature, or just generally need help? If your support membership is up to date, simply use our forum to submit your request. If you would like to schedule a phone or online support session, email us and we’ll work with you to set up a mutually convenient time. In either case, we’ll get back to you within 24-48 hrs.

    If you do not have an active support membership, you’ll be able to view the forum, but not post to it. You can also email us to schedule a support session at $50/hr as a non-member. If you are using the 30 day free trial, have a bug to report, or have general questions about CabWriter, please email us and we’ll try to answer your questions.

  • Free SketchUp Course...

    Your support membership comes with free access to our own Joe Zeh’s online Basic SketchUp for Woodworkers course.

    You must have an active support membership and be logged in to see the coupon code below for free access to the SketchUp course.