CabWriter 4/5 – DXF Sheet Optimization and Creating Vectric Toolpaths

Learn how to use CabWriter 4 or 5 to optimize your DXF part files on to sheets from within CabWriter, then import those into Vectric software, in this case Cut2D Pro, and apply tool paths to the already optimized sheets. In this case, you will not be using the Vectric software to perform the nesting, you’ll tool path the pre-optimized parts sheet by sheet. One of the main reasons you would want to do this is because the labels printed from within CabWriter are printed in the order the parts are placed on the optimized sheets; if you use the Vectric software to do the nesting, the labels will not match.  Matched labels save quite a bit of time searching for labels when cutting parts.  It only takes a little more time to tool path the sheets in this method than doing the nesting within the Vectric software. (15 min)