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CabWriter 2.0 will be released before the end of July. We are working on an extensive user’s guide to be completed soon after that. In the mean time, we will be releasing parts of that guide in stand alone PDF format, so you will have that information as quickly as possible. With the CabWriter 2.0.0 Beta 6-7-2018 release we have already released a PDF called CabWriter 2 Definitions, which explains the over 350 user changeable parameters, or defaults.

Today we are releasing another PDF call Understanding the Story Stick Tool, which is a small section of the user’s guide Story Stick chapter. We are releasing this portion of that chapter because it is important for users to understand this tool, which is the heart of CabWriter.

While the user’s guide will not be completed by the time we release CabWriter 2.0, we will release a PDF versions beginning with the 2.0 release. Think of it as beta versions of the user’s guide. This will let us get as much information to you as soon as possible, and allow you to take part in critiquing the user’s guide, much as you have CabWriter itself.

All of these documents will soon be available on our website under the Training menu. You can access them now through the following links. Please send all comments concerning these documents to

CabWriter 2 Default Definitions

Understanding the Story Stick Tool

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