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    Finally getting deeper into CW , now that my time is about up, and I need to draw two tier upper wall cabinets, all the way around the kitchen, including over the pantry. Is there an efficient way to do it other than drawing 16″ cabinets above all of the regular cabinets? They need to share vertical FF stiles and end panels but separate doors. I do not have the “divided base cab ” button if that helps.


    Hi Django,

    Can you tell me what version of CabWriter you’re using? If you don’t have the Divided Base Cabinet functionality, then you’re probably using an older version. The newest one has both a divided base and divided upper cabinet included. I think the divided upper is what you would want to use. For now, for both upper and lower, you draw the divided cabinet and use the door tool to add the doors. In the future, we hope to have it automatically draw the doors. Late tomorrow night, we’ll have the latest v1.0 software up on the website for a free 30 day trial download so you can play with it a bit more to see if it meets your needs.



    Thanks Greg, Yes this is the old version which I received while taking your course at NESAW last spring. I will try to build it manually as you say. Hopefully I can find a ” insert door” tool. Looking forward to trying the new version next week.

    Tom Sippel


    Hi Tom,

    Wow! If you are using the version I distributed in a SketchUp class last spring at NESAW you are way behind. You don’t have to wait until next week. Revision 1.0.0 will be available tomorrow Friday the 31st.

    If you think you may need help getting up to speed on it I will be in Northampton tomorrow at the Smith Vocational School demonstrating CabWriter 1.0.0. You could join us and I can help you there. Bring your .skp file and we can make the changes in real time.

    Let me know if that works for you via email:


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