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    Steven Konecny

    Hi Guys,
    The videos are great, and this software looks pretty darn good. I’m excited to learn more about it. I’ve been using Sketchup and VCarve Pro for a long time, so it’s nice to find something that is familiar.
    I’m only on video 2 of the training series, and unfortunately I’m already confused. After drawing the first cabinet and pressing the “END” key (around 24:45 in video 2), I expect to see the Per Cabinet Attributes window, but mine goes directly to the Box Selector window. I’m not sure if that is by design or if I’m missing something important in the setup?
    I do see the value in the per cabinet attributes, particularly the cabinet depth. I looked through the project edit tabs and found global values for cabinet depth, but can’t figure out how to get a per cabinet attributes window to pop up.

    Sorry for the dumb questions.


    Steven Konecny

    OK, maybe I didn’t install this correctly.
    I went ahead and chose Drawer Bank Base, picked 3 drawers, left the rest unchanged and clicked OK. At this point I would have expected it to place a cabinet. But nothing happens. I see 4 red triangles on the floor, like it’s expecting me to press the “END” key. Pressing the “END” key does indeed bring up the Box Selector dialog box again. I tried doing the same thing (choose cabinet type and # of drawers), and again, nothing happens.

    Hoping this is a simple fix. I have time this weekend to power through these videos, but next week I have to make cabinets and do installs the following week so I won’t be able to finish trying out the software before the trial expires.

    Well, not sure what I did wrong. I decided to start the video over, with a fresh project file. Closed Sketchup, deleted the old project and made a new one. This time the cabinet appeared after clicking OK. So, I must have done something that caused a hiccup. However, I’m still not getting the “Per Cabinet Attributes” dialog box.



    Hi Steve,

    If you send me an email at jpz@srww.com with your phone number I will call you and we can set up an on-line join.me and I can help you through it.


    Steven Konecny

    Sorry guys, I keep running into dumb questions here.
    On to video 3 now. This is where I think the lack of a Per Cabinet Attributes window is creating a real problem for me. I’m around the 6:45 mark in the video, at the refrigerator upper cabinet creation. Without that per cabinet dialog, I can’t seem to be able to change the depth of the cabinet, nor it’s height, so I end up with this funky looking thing sticking out from the wall.


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