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    It would be nice if we could add catalogs of different designs such as slab versus 5 piece doors, or arched doors and bead board styles. Also, I use my CNC to produce blind dadoes and I don’t use the ladder method. I do appreciate the linkage between CabWriter and Sketchup as well as the .dxf export function. I use Aspire so it should work out very well. Thanks for all of your efforts


    Hi Doug,

    There are a number of things we need to add to CabWriter before we release a Beta version. Chief among them is three types of drawers: frame less, overlay and inset. And for each we are going to supply representative samples which might include arched and bead board. I don’t know if we will get into providing a wide range of door styles, but we will cover all the door types. Also on the beta list are:

    1. User interface for changing defaults. Right now you need to edit a text file.
    2. Support for dadoes, stopped or blind dadoes and rabbets.
    3. Construction technique options such as integrated toe kick.

    I would like to hear from you and others what you think is most important and why, and how you might suggest we implement other features. Thanks for the feedback,



    My first post to this forum so I’ll add a little background. My focus is furniture and non-kitchen cabinetry. I’ve been using Sketchup for a few years and have been learning/using Vectric Aspire and CNC for about a year. The last 2 cabinet projects I did would have been much easier with a tool like CabWriter so here I am exploring. I’ve watched the 6 in-depth training videos and am quite impressed. So, from the shallow end of the pool, kudos!

    My question is about dados/rabbets, which is why I tagged onto this feature request. I really need CabWriter to generate dados and rabbets as these are pretty fundamental to the sorts of cabinets I build. Bookshelves, entertainment centers, living room shelving, etc. Casework, more than kitchen cabinets. So, please add my voice to this existing feature request.

    On a related note, sliding dovetails are important to these sorts of cabinets. I think if CabWriter simply generated a line/vector where the sliding dovetails go with some sort of tag/note that said what it was, it would be pretty simple to get Vectric to generate the appropriate tool path. Something to consider.

    Thanks for the preview. I’m looking forward to some experimentation beyond watching the training videos. Big thumbs up.


    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the kind words. I am glad you like CabWriter and hope we can develop it to the point that you are ready to use it in your work. Revision 1.0 will come out in the next month or so. Unfortunately, it will not have dado support. However, dado support will be the first thing we add to Revision 2.0 and I expect it will follow Revision 1.0 within six months.

    Sliding dovetails, which I use for furniture making in my own shop, is not something Greg or I have talked about. But it intrigues me. Is it as simple as two vectors at equal and opposite angles? I’ll talk to Greg about it. Thanks for the suggestion.



    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the v2 update. Great to hear that v1 is close and that dado support will be added in v2.

    I’m not sure the best way to incorporate sliding dovetails into CabWriter. Really, if CabWriter produces dado joint data that is exported via DXF one could fairly easily cut sliding dovetails from that data. The shelf length will be long enough for the joint and the dado vectors in the DXF data locate the tail slot. Dado support might be sufficient. Would be interesting to play with CabWriter dado support being used to generate sliding dovetails. Hmm…..


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