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    I’m making a blind corner base, and the hidden area of the cabinet is only 10″ into the dead space in the corner. I tried resizing the blind area to get 20″ of the area used, and can’t figure out how to save this modification, and keep the cabwriter saved defaults. Hope I’m explaining this right. I’ll build it to the size I want, but sure would be nice to export into cutlist as the size I’ll actually build.


    Hi Kevin,

    How are you trying to change the extension of the blind corner base? You should be using the Blind Corner Displacement parameter. See the attached image. Simply change it to the dimension you want and draw the cabinet. Once the cabinet is drawn the parameters are stored in each cabinet part. To retrieve them choose a part and use the Retrieve Cabinet Defaults tool. You can save these defaults to a file using the Save CabWriter Defaults icon and access them later with the Open and Load CabWriter Defaults icon.

    See Greg’s video on Blind Corner Cabs at . You will find many other videos ar .


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    p.s. You shouldn’t have to do anything special when producing the cut list. It will reflect the deeper setting you are after.


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