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    With the cabinet library having limitations on styles and selection (for now), I try minor things to get the placement or type of cabinet I’m trying to achieve by modifying individual cabinets after I lay them out with the StoryStick.

    View attached image for below explanation….

    As you can see on the far right of my sample model, I’ve placed a base cabinet down with 4 drawers. I then placed a base cabinet on top of it with 2 doors and modified the individual cabinet parameters with the edit cabinet option on the right mouse button menu to get the desired height. The ISSUE is that when I redraw the model, those cabinets get moved to where I placed them down originally on the floor.

    Is there a way to lock placements of cabinets so they don’t move back to the original origin before changing placement if one needs to do just that, move a cabinet? I hope this makes sense.

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    Hi CDN,

    I’m sure Joe will jump in on this too, but he is currently working to finish up a new set of tools that will allow you to draw a tall cabinet with any combination of doors and drawers just like you’ve created. You’re correct that if you move a base cabinet off the floor, when you re-draw it, it will go back to where it was. Base cabinets are assumed to be on the floor. When I have had to do what you’re doing, I draw the base cabinet, then modify my upper cabinet parameters to match what I need, then draw an upper cabinet on top of the lower. In the short term, you can do that. In the not too distant future, you’ll be able to draw the tall cabinet directly the way you want.



    Hi CDN,

    Nice job on the sample cabinet. Greg stole my thunder. For now it is easier to draw an upper cabinet on the base cabinet and then do the edits necessary to stitch them together. As Greg said, soon there will be a tall cabinet you can use and tools that will allow you to place doors and draws where you want them. Hopefully it will be available in a beta release in two or three weeks.



    Sounds good gentlemen! I’m looking forward to everything you guys are doing to make CabWriter even better.


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