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    I purchased the pro version of CabWriter and I can’t see how to download the free online Sketchup course.


    Hi Richard,

    When you made your purchase you should have gotten a welcoming email. In thatt email is a coupon to use with the purchase of the course. The coupon is a 100%, one time, discount coupon. Let me know if you do not have it and we can send you another one.


    Jeroen Bijker

    Best Joe,

    yesterday for the first time I signed up with Cabwriter and it’s a fine program. but a cabinet with drawers I can’t draw, only the corpus shows up, but not the drawers. I suspect the settings are wrong, can that be right? I have views some video’s on youtube, but still having problems. Can you help me? Probably it will be a little thing. Thanks

    Jeroen Bijker (Netherlands)


    Hi Jeroen,

    Yes, I suspect the problem is a mistake in the settings. Could you pleas email me your .skp file? Send it to . I will examine the settings and let you know what I find. If you are a new user, I recommend beginning with one of the provided settings. I assume you are a Metric user and that your SkechUp application is set to use Metric mm. You can choose a starting set of parameters by using the Open and Load CabWriter Defaults tool and choose one of the CabWriter Metric Defaults from the drop down list. By the way, you can go to and download the user’s guide. Chapters 4 – 7 explain in detail how to draw cabinets. Appendix A defines each of the more than 350 parameters, so you might want to look at that too. But send me your .skp file and we will get you going.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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