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    Robert Welding

    I’m trying to draw a 2 drawer frameless cabinet for use as a file cabinet. The drawer boxes and fronts are drawn oversize height-wise such that it’s drawn with the fronts overlapping (top of bottom front overlaps the bottom of the top front), and the top box extending above the sides and overlapping the top stretcher. Can’t seem to find the solution. What am I doing wrong? I am a novice with CabWriter.


    Hi Robert,

    Sorry you’re having an issue. Is there a chance you could send us your model so we could take a look? You can try and post it to the forum if it’s not too big, or email it to greg@cabwritersoftware.com.



    For file drawers, i have been using a standard cabinet with doors and shelves set at “0”. then I add the drawers manually. This way I do not need to modify cab writer settings for mid rails. I would think you would need to modify the drawer fronts manually to get the solution you are requiring.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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