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    Lynn Hinman

    Thank you for the great videos, I have learned so much from them. As a rule, I follow along with the video and replicate your actions which has helped me learn. I have two questions. 1) in one of the comprehensives, you mentioned the grid tool and say you can download it from the CabWriter page, I cannot find it. 2) Like your SketchUp videos, you have the files to start from. During the videos, you switch back and forth from the end product to the working demo. Can we have a copy of the file so we can work along with your videos. Also, to save time, you draw the story stick off line; it would also be good to have that as a file rather than me just drawing one not knowing the actual dimensions before hand. Although making adjustments is a learning experience in itself.


    Hi Lynn,

    Thank you for studiously following my SketchUp and CabWriter tutorials. If I have done my job it will make you a much better user of the tools.

    The grid tool you are looking for is part of my Construction Plus tool set. Construction Plus is found under the SketchUp > Free Plugins menu of the website. To make it easy on you click here.

    In Part 1 I give you a link to the finished model. Again, for your convenience, you can click here. When you download this model you can get the construction points and lines (Story Stick) by clearing all layer visibility check boxes except Layer0 and $Construction$. Then follow this procedure:
    1 In my finished model click on menu Edit > Select All
    2 In my finished model click on menu Edit > Copy
    3. In your blank or new model click on menu Edit > Paste In Place
    This will give you the same points in the same place.

    I hope this helps. Again, thanks for your interest.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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