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    Hello everyone

    I have watched a lot of the videos available and would have a question about limiting the possibilities of extensions as well as defining a firm. If these questions have already been answered, tell me where.

    A – Is it possible to model cabinets other than 24 inches (deep) and 13 inches (high), if so, how?

    B – How to Set the Cabinet Type – Blind Corner Base

    C – I understand that two types of construction are preferred, FrameLess and Face Frame.
    Is there a book I could buy on Amazon or other, which would serve as a guide on the manufacturing methods that you prefer for these two types of construction.

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    Bonjour à tous
    J’ai visionné une bonne partie des videos disponible et aurait une question sur la limite des possibilitées de l’extensions ainsi que la définition d’un cabinet. Si ces questions ont déjà été répondues, m’indiquer où.
    A – Est-il possible de modéliser des cabinets de profondeur autre que 24 pouces (Bas)et 13 pouces (Haut), si oui, comment?
    B – Comment définir le cabinet de type – Blind Corner Base
    C – Je comprends que deux types de construction sont privilégié, soit FrameLess et Face Frame.
    Y a-t-il un livre que je pourrais me procurer sur Amazone ou autre, qui me servirait de guide sur les méthodes de fabrication que vous privilégiées pour ces deux types de construction.


    Hi JeanLec,

    A) The answer to A is yes, cabinet height, depth and width can all be specified per the users specification. Base cabinet height is specified by specifying the counter top height and thickness. Upper cabinet height is specified directly as are cabinet depths. See attached images base_cabs.png and upper_cabs.png. Cabinet widths are specified with the story stick, but can be edited with the Edit Story Stick command.

    B) Cabinet types are set after a story stick has been defined and the End key is pressed. A dialog box appears called Box Selector. See box_selector attached. In this image I have shown a story stick with only one box in a cabinet. But the story stick can define multiple box cabinets just as easily. The box selector is used to choose the box type, in this case the Diagonal Corner Base.

    C) I will let Greg Larson suggest a cabinet making book to explain design practices for a face frame and frameless cabinet. But I suspect almost any cabinet making book would be a good reference. We don’t yet have a book specific to CabWriter, though if successful maybe one day.

    Hope this helps.


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    Hi JeanLec,

    Joe is right, I don’t really know of a good book that explains exactly our preferred construction method for face frame and frameless cabinets. However, I did do a writeup and a video that’s on our site about my preferred construction method that applies to both face frame and frameless. CabWriter fully supports this method. You can see the video on this page:



    Hi JeanLec,

    I’m not sure if the link came through properly on the previous post. You can access it here.

    Otherwise, you can go to the Education tab on the website and choose Cabinet Construction.


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