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    Version 2.0.1 (10-24-2018)
    Sketchup Version 18.0.16975 Windows 64-bit

    I’m not sure whether this is user error or a bug. I’m attempting to protect a new component created using the standard Sketchup tool, it’s unique but I get the following message after clicking the OK button from within the ‘Make CabWriter Component’ dialogue box: “There is no cabinet with the prefix to which this component can be attached.”

    One thing I noticed in the dialogue box under ‘New CabWriter component Instance Names & Protection’ is that a SPACE character has been appended to the front of the definition name, it seems wrong.

    Even if I create a simple box the same problem occurs.

    Thanks, Wayne

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    Hi Wayne,

    This is not a bug. The error message is telling you that you did not supply a cabinet prefix to tell CabWriter which cabinet to assign this new part to. Once you supply a cabinet prefix, component type and box number CabWriter will create a prefix for your custom part and append a space between the prefix and your component name. For details Read Make CabWriter Component on page 59 of the User’s Guide. To access the User’s Guide use menu Extensions > CabWriter > Open User’s Guide.




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    Thanks for the clarification Joe. I had read the guide at that page but I didn’t go quite far enough and hence didn’t understand that custom components needed to be linked to an existing cabinet. In this case I needed to link a washing machine to the pantry cabinet next to it even though it’s not really connected.

    Many thanks, Wayne

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