Hi Kevin,

Yes, there are a couple of ways to do it. Here is one way:
1. In the source file select the cabinet you want to save for later recall. You can right click on it and choose CabWriter/Select Cabinet.
2. When the entire cabinet is selected right click again and choose Unlock. The selection color will now turn to blue instead of red.
3. Use the Edit/Copy command to copy the cabinet.
4. Open a new, empty SketchUp file.
5. Save this file with a meaningful name for the cabinet you want to save for later use in other models. I’ll call this the destination file.
6. In the destination file choose the CabWriter Create Project icon to make this a CabWriter project file.
7. In the destination file use the Edit/Paste command and place the cabinet at the Origin. (You can also use the Edit/Past In Place command if you wish).
8. This is a very important step: Select one component of the cabinet and then select the CabWriter Re-Number Cabinet tool. Enter a number higher than any cabinet number you expect to find in a model such as 1000.
9. Save the file in a folder of your choice.

Later on, when you want to use this cabinet in a future model all you have to do is drag and drop its file icon into the new model and place it. It will come in as a component with a Definition name the same as its file name. You can now select the component, right click and choose Explode. The cabinet will return to its original component parts, each part beginning with C1000 in this example. When you new model is fully modeled you can use the CabWriter Renumber Cabinets tool to renumber all the cabinets sequentially.

SketchUp, independent of CabWriter, allows you to create a component library of your own. Go to your Components dialog box and choose the In Model icon. Next select the Details icon at the right (see attached image). Choose “Open or create a local collection…”. Now you can have an entire library of custom cabinets. Remember any .skp file can be added to a library as a library component. Hoe this helps.


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