Lynn Hinman


I am glad that it is working out. With them sourcing the material, it should be less than what you would pay. The suppliers I deal with will only sell to you if you have an EIN (business tax number). I have one customer who uses me all of the time even though I tell him he could cut it faster on the table saw, but it would require more sheets because of the nesting optimization. He uses me because in the end, it saves him time. I provide the cabinets all labeled and all he has to do is assemble them and install the hardware. For him, I have to draw his cabinets in the software – previously my CAD/CAM program, but more and more in Cabwriter; I have a set of cabinets already designed and we pick and choose which one he wants and how many of each. I also use another program that has features that version 1 did not have. Please let me know how it goes and hopefully this will also help the community.

Afterwards, please tell us would you do it again (with this provider or possibly another one) based on the cost and time savings. Do you do many cabinets? If so how many which may impact other users’ decisions based on your feed back.

If there are any other questions I can answer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. My email is lynnhinman@verizon.net if you need to talk to me privately.