Thank you for the very helpful information. I have engaged with a local shop and we agreed the first step will be for me to provide a DXF file that they can review. They will create the tool paths from the file(s) I provide. Like you, they are very busy and cannot afford to have any down time caused by tool path conflicts from customer-created g-code. Their shop and machines are fully utilized and their lead times are long, but I am optimistic that if I provide them with good files and I am doing all the rest of the cabinet building that they will be able to fit sheet good cutting in with quicker turnaround times. I don’t know if they are agreeable to having help in their shop managing the materials, waste, cleanup, etc., but I will be inquiring.

They are a fully functioning furniture shop and can source the sheets for me, which will probably make sense as you suggest. Besides not having to handle the materials any more than necessary they will have reliable, tried-and-true providers. We have not discussed options or pricing yet.

I will keep you posted on progress so that others can learn from the process.

Thanks again.