Lynn Hinman


In the sencond post from Greg, I also charge for both my design and CNC time. My design charge is $50. If all I am doing is importing a file, there is no charge, but most time it is not that simple. As Greg said, I have to create the tool paths which I use a macro to do and it reduces the total cost. If the customer is there and dose most of the sheet loading and cleanup of the spoil board during the process, I reduce my CNC charge from $65. For regular customers I do give them a break. they will call me and send me the files so I can do all of the work before they arrive. The last job for one of the customers, he had his materials delivered to me (a lower grade plywood that I do not use in my shop). He also has a CNC, just smaller, that he cannot run large sheets. He is the only customer that sends me the files that are ready to run and so all I have to do is load his load his file and run it; he also is fully functional on my machine operations so he does most of the work. I just charge him for the CNC time. I do have to check his file before we run them to ensure they are correct.
On my other post, I had it typed but just did not click the send button for until today – it sat there for two days.