Hi Pastor John,

I assume you are asking a question about design philosophy and not a “How do I” question. I can give you my general rules for drawer sizing, but they are only guidelines. I break them a lot, depending on what I am trying to accomplish. In a 1, 3 or 4 drawer bank I maintain the size of the top drawer across all three. This is both because it looks aesthetically pleasing and there are drawer opening and drawer height sizes that are considered standard in the industry. For example, a 5″ opening and a 4″ drawer box height is pretty common. The 2 drawer bank is generally equal size drawers. Aesthetically I like the 4 drawer box to have the standard first box size as I mentioned previously and the remaining three of equal size. But it sometimes looks great to have all 4 drawers the same size. The three drawer box usually has graduated drawers for the bottom two. Approximately a 2-inch difference with the middle drawer being smaller than the bottom.

That said, all of this is a guideline. You, the designer and or consumer has the last word. If I have misunderstood your question and you were asking about how to use the red/green flags to choose a drawer size, let me know and I can help with that too.