Hi Guys,

I am suspecting an installation problem, likely a missing SketchUp file, or a SketchUp bug. To test that could you try the following for me?

1. Clear CabWriter and CutList Bridge out of your Plugin folders just like you did for the clean install.
2. Open the Ruby Console and in the bottom input field cut and paste the following code:

txt = “Select starting point of stile. Ctrl cycles Mode.”
Sketchup::set_status_text $exStrings.GetString(txt), SB_PROMPT

3. Hit Enter and do not touch you mouse (make sure the Ruby Console is not covering up the Status Bar prior to this step).
4. Look at the Status bar and see if it contains the text “Select starting point of stile. Ctrl cycles Mode.”
5. I suspect it will not and I also suspect you will get an error message in the Ruby Console. If so please copy that message and send it to me.