Hi Guys,

I downloaded the new release from the same place using the same link and installed it on my Mac with the latest OS and SketchUp 2016. Just two minutes ago I created the drawing below and didn’t have a Story Stick problem. Can you help me with answers to a few questions?

1. Are you drawing on a construction line with the Story Stick? You can’t just draw on the axis, it must be on a construction line.

2. Do you get a message when you attempt to use the Story Stick?

3. Try it again, this time with the Window/Ruby Console open and let me know if you see an error message there. Cut and paste it into a reply to this post.

4. Can you open the SketchUp/Preferences dialog box and select the Extensions page. Then select CabWriter and at the bottom be sure the version says May 17, 2016.

Let me know the results and I will see what I can do to help. Thanks,


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