Steven Konecny

I just noticed something else… not sure if it makes a difference or not, but…

CabWriter moves component entities to the component’s layer, instead of leaving them on layer 0. I went to a SketchUp training a few years ago, and they said one of the cardinal rules of SketchUp was to leave entities of components on layer 0; only the component itself, and sub-components should be put on another layer. And, of course, never leave a component or sub-component on layer 0. Along with that decree, it was emphasized that there are many ways to use SketchUp, and these rules aren’t going to break anything if not followed. So, the lesson learned was, do this so the masses have a standard to follow, but it doesn’t really matter if you do it, or not.

So, steb 1.1 might be: Select Layer 0 for all entities.
After exploding, all the entities of the component will be hi-lighted, so all you need to do is select layer 0 from the entities tray.

It actually doesn’t matter when you do this step. You can do it after you make it a component, too. If you already made it a component, triple-click on the component to open it and select all it’s entities, then select layer 0.

I was thinking this step is necessary based on Joe’s previous comments about CabWriter looking at layers, but again, it might not matter.