Steven Konecny

Hi Greg,
You’re right, creating groups of CabWriter components causes several hiccups. I’ll just have to remember to explode everything before I run the documentation.

On the layers bit, I’m talking about parts that CabWriter can’t handle correctly (for now, v2.0 will fix a lot of this). For example, parts that need a pocket cut, or an inside profile cut.

I tried it out several ways, but copying CabWriter parts seems to cause problems; CabWriter wants to own it forever if it created a part, no matter how you try to orphan it. Short of completely redrawing the part, just copying, renaming it, moving it to another layer, and a few other things I tried, all seem to cause an error message. I think what’s needed here is an “Orphan Part” button, where it strips out all CabWriter related information and links. Then I can safely put it on another layer, modify to my heart’s content, and import it using Vectric’s Sketchup import tool. Or, Joe might know an easy way that I didn’t try, or maybe (probably) I didn’t do something right.

Vectric’s importer will let you grab parts on a specific layer, that way you can just get the special parts and it will ignore everything else in the model. It will put those parts on one layer, named exactly as it’s named in Sketchup. If you pick multiple layers to import, then whatever parts were in those layers will import onto same named layers in Vectric. If your importing after already opening a CabWriter DXF, then you’ll have to manually move vectors to the appropriate layers to match up with the rest of the CabWriter parts.

It sounds like a lot of extra work, but it’s not really that big a deal unless you made parts that need a whole bunch of different toolpathing layers. Otherwise, move vectors to the 3 or 4 pre-made CabWriter layers and you’re done.