Steven Konecny

Another thought about System Holes, as they relate to drawer slides. (I’ll get it right from now on!)

I just came across an instance where I don’t want the drawer box to extend as far back as possible. Might be nice to have an override for the box length, too. I see it pulling directly from the “Drawer Depth” column on the Drawer tab and displaying the possibilities available as a drop-down selection.

I see this showing up if you’re drilling with a “Drill my first hole using an offset” method, where you mark the front of the cabinet (or panel edge). Since it already knows the cabinet depth, it could exclude all the options that would extend beyond the back panel (or first obstacle, like a side panel if you’re making a non-standard opening from the side of a cabinet), and only show the lengths that would fit. This would also come in handy if avoidance logic was just too much to develope easily. This could be a quicker solution to deploy (although Joe is pretty darn good at this, it could be a non-issue for him).

If you we’re using the story stick to mark with a “Drill my first hole here, on-center” method, the other end of the stick could be used to mark the maximum box length. In this case, you wouldn’t need an offset dialog, or a box length override.