Great brainstorming, Steve! Lots of good ideas in there. As Joe mentioned, we’ll kick it around on our end and see what makes sense. I’ve also run into the hole problem in the past; it would have been nice for them to allow hole copying, but it’s not to be for now.

Just to clarify some terminology above, in CabWriter, we use System Holes to mean the holes used for drawer slides, hinge holes, and shelf pin holes which typically don’t go all the way through the cabinet side. This is consistent with the 32mm system conventions. We use the term Construction Holes for holes that go all the way through for things like Confirmat screws which is also consistent with the 32 mm system. We made up a hole type called Connector Holes that we drill separately all the way through which are used to bind cabinets together. That said, you could also punch some of the system holes all the way through to use for that purpose as well.

I like the general concept of what you’re describing. We should be able to turn it into something useful…