Steven Konecny

Thanks Greg,
I’ve already restarted that file a few times since I ran into that particular problem. I’m taking pretty big bites right now, so I might need to slow down and master some of the easier stuff first.

I will say the learning curve is pretty small if you’re a Sketchup user. I’m finding most of this fairly intuitive.

Before I go… I just tried to reproduce the problem I had before, but I’m getting an entirely different problem now. I am making a short cabinet, in between some others (for the chop saw). When I select the Drawer Bank Base with 2 Drawers, I get an error message that says “Dimensions is smaller than permitted.” I get this message twice, after clicking on OK the second time, it attempts to draw a cabinet, but it doesn’t finish, and puts part of the cabinet way off to the side, and rotated 90 degrees.

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