Hi Steve,

Great conversation; thanks Lynn, for your input.

In terms of the pullout shelves, you have a couple of options, which start with drawing a Divided Base cabinet. See this tutorial video for how to do that:

This type of cabinet allows you to have a multi-bay cabinet of any height, but it doesn’t automatically draw the doors or drawers; you use the Door or Drawer tool for that, which gives you more flexibility. This video covers those tools:

Once you’ve drawn the divided base to your liking, you could simply use the Door tool to add doors, then use SketchUp to punch holes for drawer slides for the pullout trays anywhere you want and you’d have the information you need on the DXF files for your cnc. If you want CabWriter to draw the drawer slide holes, you would do the following. Before using the door tool, you would draw a bunch of drawers first with a drawer face height that would select the correct drawer box height as setup in the Drawer settings tab. For example, if your pullout trays were going to be 3″ high, you would have a drawer box of that height setup in the settings tab then start drawing drawer faces using the Drawer tool that are maybe 4″ high in the spots where you want a tray. One thing you must make sure of is that you don’t draw a drawer slide hole where a hinge plate hole will go later or it will cause CabWriter to have an error. Once you’re done drawing your drawer boxes, you’ll delete the drawer fronts and use the Door tool to draw your doors.

Let me know if this makes sense. If not, I can create a video for you to see how it works…