Lynn Hinman


While I have been using SketchUp for over 6 years, I have been doing work on my CNC for over 8 years and work on my files there. With the DXF import and the ability to have everything automated, it makes it great. I use to do most of my design work in Sketchup but now use it with CabWriter. The ability to provide the customer perspectives as well as layout views is something that with the combination of the two programs, I had problems doing before. It was a learning curve but is well worth it. I had to draw many versions to get it right, but it is second nature now. Cabinets are not my primary business. I do more 2.5D work and contract out to other builders to do their jobs. I have a large shop by most standards – 2000sqf and I am building a 5000sqf shop, mostly furniture design and one of a kind builds. I will also start teaching again with the larger shop – between 4-6 benches. I also have a large format 100 watt laser that I do a lot of work with. With version 2.0, the support for dado/rabbet and tongue and groove carcass construction, including captured backs is a big thing for me. I do more raised panel doors than flat panels which is gaining popularity because of the simple lines that customers like. Like you, there were changes I had to make with their system – like the ladder base. I previously did my toe kicks with the bottom housed in a dado. The ladder sure makes it easier to level the base. I started with the pony face clamps and drilled my face frames together with that system. For the price, you cannot beat the features and speed of drawing once you learn the system. They listen and take your input, so if it is not there, it may be added at a later date as they continue to improve the system.