Steven Konecny

Thanks Lynn,
I found your post after looking through the forum a little.
I use Vectric software, too, but I’m not all that great at editing the files inside VCarve. I primarily use it to import DXF’s from something else, make toolpaths and nest parts. I am, however, pretty familiar with Sketchup and Fusion 360. I find the layout and measuring tools in VCarve to be so lacking, I actively avoid making changes to drawings with their software. I’m sure it’s something I could learn, but, meh.
If I can use Sketchup to draw the holes, that would work out better for me; I already have tons of Sketchup hole templates that I can simply merge into the part. I can move the holes to a drilling layer in Vcarve after importing the DXF easy enough, assuming it will include the changes I make.
Sure would be awesome if I didn’t need to do so much cleanup work, though.