Steven Konecny

OK, maybe I didn’t install this correctly.
I went ahead and chose Drawer Bank Base, picked 3 drawers, left the rest unchanged and clicked OK. At this point I would have expected it to place a cabinet. But nothing happens. I see 4 red triangles on the floor, like it’s expecting me to press the “END” key. Pressing the “END” key does indeed bring up the Box Selector dialog box again. I tried doing the same thing (choose cabinet type and # of drawers), and again, nothing happens.

Hoping this is a simple fix. I have time this weekend to power through these videos, but next week I have to make cabinets and do installs the following week so I won’t be able to finish trying out the software before the trial expires.

Well, not sure what I did wrong. I decided to start the video over, with a fresh project file. Closed Sketchup, deleted the old project and made a new one. This time the cabinet appeared after clicking OK. So, I must have done something that caused a hiccup. However, I’m still not getting the “Per Cabinet Attributes” dialog box.