Hi Bela,
Glad you like the interface, sorry about the bottom rail problem; coincidentally, we just discovered that yesterday as well. Since I haven’t been doing a lower rail, we didn’t test that option well enough. It’s on our list to fix. On the uppers, there’s a bottom inset parameter, which we need to add to the lowers as well.

Thanks for the model; we’ll study it to see how it works with what we have. On first glance, it looks like it could just about be done now, once the bottom rail issue gets fixed. You would essentially draw it with a smaller bottom rail and no toe kick, but taller cabinets, then just pull the lower rail and cabinet sides down to the floor. There might be a little manual touch up here and there around the toe kick on the sink, but I think the rest of it is quite doable.

Do you often build with no toe kicks?

Thanks for the feedback,