Hi Bela,

The bottom rail will be no problem. We are getting ready to release a new version of the software that finally allows anyone to easily change all of the defaults, so you’ll be able to set the defaults any way you want. So, you’ll be able to set it up to your liking, then save those defaults for any of your designs moving forward. Sorry about the default that way, here at my cabinetmaking school, we leave the bottom rail of the face frame off because it simplifies things so much and then the bottom of the cabinet acts as a door stop and we don’t have to worry about that rail hanging down when we’re moving cabinets around. It works well with a separate ladder base for the toe kick.

Do you build all of your cabinets with an integrated toe kick? If you have a long run of cabinets, do you build individual cabinets when you have an integrated toe kick and screw them together, or is it one long run with an integrated face frame with an integrated toe kick? We don’t yet support the integrated toe kick. It’s been lower priority because we’ve been focusing on separate toe bases because they lend themselves better to the long runs of cabinets with integrated face frames. Do you ever build that way?

Is there any chance you could add to the model you sent and show what you would do for a longer run of base cabinets? I’d also be curious to see a run of upper cabinets. Then, we could get an idea of what we need to add into the software moving forward.