Thanks Joe,

Yes that did it! I’m still learning the program and trying to figure out all the ends and outs.

I have a question regarding the “base drawer front heights” parameter. I assume that this is the drawer opening height because it is located in the FF tab? I adjusted the measurements as you can see in the attached screen shot below, but when I edited the cabinet to reflect the new measurements they were not the same as what I had entered, as you can see in the attached image below. I have a 30 3/4″ stile. (Assuming my math is correct) a 1 1/2″ top rail and bottom rail, two 1 1/2″ mid rails, a bottom opening of 11 1/2″, a mid opening of 8 1/4″, and a top opening of 5″ should equal 30 3/4″? I am not sure why CabWriter is adjusting my measurements?

Thanks, Matt

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