Greg mentioned the cut list that gets sent to CutList Plus fx for sheet optimization. CutList Plus fx can also print labels from the CutList Bridge data that it imports. See the attached label below.

Part: (1 of 1) tells you that this is a unique part, only one like it in the model.

The second line is the thickness of the material followed by the overall width and length of the part.

C4LB1 Back means it is the back of Box #1 in cabinet #4 which is a lower (base) cabinet. There is a separator and then SA: Base Boxes. This means that the sub-assembly is a Base Box on the Base Boxes layer.

The fourth line is the material type and name.

The fifth line, W(17 1/4″) means that the width was cut larger than final dimension (see 17 1/2″ on the second line) and must be cut to a final dimension of 17 1/4″. Length and thickness can also be set to oversize.

So this label helps tremendously in helping to sort parts into stacks.

CutList Plus fx produced label from CutList Bridge data.