Hi John,

You’re right that it can get kind of daunting with the large number of parts in a kitchen. As Joe mentions, it’s practically pretty difficult to transmit a color to either a spreadsheet or to Cutlist Plus which would have to be changed. However, I think you would be able to accomplish what you want without colors.

If you look at the attached screenshot, you’ll see that there are two columns that CabWriter populates that get sent to Cutlist Plus. One is Sub-assembly, and the other is Description. The sub assembly column can either contain the SketchUp layer or the sub-assembly attribute which is something like C3LFF, which is also part of the description. In this example, the sub-assembly column is the layer name and the description contains the attributes. This means that you could sort your cutlist by layer, which would be upper or lower carcass, face frame, doors, drawers, etc. Also, you can use the attributes for sorting. C3LFF means cabinet #3 lower face frame rail. So, you can sort by cabinet number or type of part or both, which is pretty powerful. After that, you can sort by thickness, width, and length, of course. This means you could isolate just the face frame parts, for example, and further by upper and lower if you want, then also sort by cabinet if you choose to. I think this would accomplish the same thing as sorting by color, but much easier to implement. Give it a try when you get the software and see if that would work for you.


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