Hi J,

I am the software guy on our team of two. Greg Larson is the guy with the cabinetmaking knowledge, so I am going to let him answer this from a “practical” view point. I will take a stab at the “possible” viewpoint. If I understand your question you want to break cabinets into colors, one color per cabinet. Further, your question seems to indicate that you would like the layers to be coded with those colors and each layer contain a cabinet (one cabinet per layer).

If you have used CabWriter at this point you will notice that the SU layers are actually sub-assemblies (boxes, doors, drawers, end panels, face frames etc.), not cabinets. Changing this would be a major change to CabWriter.

I assume that when you say “The greatest problem I have in using CutList Is” you mean CutList Bridge, the cut list software that comes with CabWriter; and when you refer to “labels” you are referring to the labels printed out by CutList Plus fx. Is that correct? It would be possible to add a color field to CutList Bridge, because that is in our control, but the labels are printed by CutList Plus fx; a third party. He would have to take the field we provide in CutList Bridge and provide a color field in the cut list and also a color block on the label. I am not sure how amenable he would be to making that change. I know him well and can feel him out. But I would like to hear Greg’s comments on practicality. He has built about five or more kitchens using CabWriter and does the kind of sorting and stacking you are describing all with the cabinet number that appears on the label currently.