Whoops! My apologies. I just notice that I missed the version of SketchUp you are using. CabWriter will not work on SketchUp 8. You need SketchUp 2015 or later. In fact, when CabWriter 2.0 comes out we will not support version 2015 either (though it will likely work on 2015).

Hi Andy,

In my previous reply, I asked what operating system you were using and what version of SketchUp. Without those two pieces of information, I can only give you a guess as to the problem. The third image you posted say it can’t find the ‘fileutils’ file. This is part of the Ruby interpreter supplied by SketchUp. If you can’t find this file I am guessing that you are using a version of SketchUp that didn’t include it. CabWriter only works on versions 2015 and later. So, are you using a version of SketchUp older that this?