Hi Brent,

Funny, those were the two programs I used before starting on SketchUp. It certainly helps to have knowledge of other CAD programs, but as you may have found already, SketchUp is a bit of a different paradigm which stymied me at first until I met my partner Joe and he taught a class at our school that I took. Turns out, once you learn a few basic tricks, it’s a much simpler program to use than the two you’re used to and it has an enormous amount of power.

If you haven’t already run across it, you should definitely run through Joe’s one hour intro to SketchUp here:

It quickly puts you on the right path and if you have CAD background, you should be able to take off from there. If you want to go deeper, Joe has an online class and a book you can purchase. You’ll find them under SketchUp -> SketchUp training on our website…