Hi Lynn,

You can specify a drawer slide manufacturer and hole positions on the Drawers tab of the CabWriter Settings dialog. See attached image. See attached image. What we have not supplied is a drop down box that allows you to choose the specific slide. We may in the future, but in our attempt to keep the price of CabWriter low we have tried to avoid the ‘providing all features’ trap. In this case we felt that most cabinetmakers use one or two manufactures and one or two of their slide lines. Perhaps we should look at this decision again.

We will have dadoes and rabbets in revision 2.0. I can’t commit to when it will be available at the moment, but I would guess some time this fall.

We will also provide the ability for the user to provide a cross section(s) of their door frame style and we will use it to draw the door, draw and other fame and panel pieces. Not sure if we will provided arched door/drawer capability in revision 2.0, but it will not be far behind.

Could you provide a SketchUp model of the slide out drawer you are describing. I am not picturing it clearly.

I thinks we will provide integrated toe kicks in the next release. Though my personal opinion is that ladder bases are quicker and more accurate to install, less costly and makes better use of plywood optimization.

I am glad you have found the videos useful. Stay tuned, there are more videos and blogs coming. If you have something specific you would like covered please don’t hesitate to mention it.

Greg, please comment if you have anything to add.


Drawers Tab of CabWriter Settings Dialog Box