Hi Dan,

Joe might have to fact check me on this one, but the first thing would be to look at your setting for connector stile width. Even though you’re not drawing the connector stile, I believe CabWriter is still looking at that parameter do determine what you might think of as a virtual connector stile with and since your side setback is set to zero you’re getting a gap. The side setback parameter of zero tells cabwriter to flush the virtual connector stile edges with the face of the cabinet sides. So, if you have a 38mm connector stile width and 16mm x 2 sides = 32mm, then you would end up with a 6mm gap between the cabinets. So, the first thing to try is to set your connector stile width to 32mm. It might also work to put the side setback to 3mm, but that might cause other problems. Let me know if this works…