What version of CabWriter and SketchUp are you using and on what operating system? Also, for future issues, please zip up and include a copy of your model so that I can look at it on my system. But I can tell by the picture you sent that you probably have two problems. First, you did not run File > CabWriter > Create Basic Scene Set. Hence, I can’t tell what is on your scenes and don’t know if you have included what you need for the reports you are requesting. Second, you are requesting a Doors report, which is one of the three Purchased Parts Reports, but you have no scene assigned to Purchased Part Report. In general, you should select a valid scene for all three Scenes Used in Reports drop-downs, even if you are not requesting such a report. You are also requesting a Stiles & Rails Report but have nothing assigned to Stiles & Rails Report. Make those selections and your will probably succeed in generating the cut lists and layouts. If not, send me your zipped up model to jpz@srww.com and I will see what I can figure out.