Lynn Hinman

Joe & Greg,

Thank you for the feedback. In furniture, proportions are everything. Not being a cabinet designer, I did not know if there were any rules or hard standards that helped me design the layout into a more pleasing appearance. I am teaching a class on design to our woodworking guild in a couple of months and started looking at our kitchen cabinets and the kitchen you used in the comprehensive videos. As George Walker talks about dimensions and Jim Tolpin used his workbench as and example; not everything needs to follow the standard proportions, but you still follow design procedures that we know for our inner sight that is programmed in us by seeing nature.

In my current house, we have one end cabinet that is larger than the others; it has two pullout drawers on full extension slides. It is very functional and my wife loves it because it serves her storage requirements for the pots and pans, but when I sit back and look at it, it seems out of portion to every other cabinet against the wall.

We are building a new house so that I can bring my mother to live with us. While she can walk, most of the time she is in a wheel chair. My wife and I visited a house that was designed to meet the requirements for her and we are planning on aging in place there. With my Army service and the units I was in, it will be a rambler because I know eventually I will be in a wheel chair. With my wife being short, we are going to build the island split like you did in the Martha LaBelle Kitchen so that she can use that surface for her food preparation. Also, my wife asked for two upper cabinets to come down all the way to the base cabinet top. The reason is because she cannot reach above the 2nd shelf and that is a design concept that they use in South Korea (think of a china hutch concept). That was the first thing she talked about when she got back from her last visit. All of this got me thinking about kitchen design and proportions.

Joe, while I knew cabinets came in two inch increments, I did not think about our appliances yet. My wife has already bought them and they are sitting in the warehouse waiting for delivery. I will have to get those measurements to ensure I incorporate them into my design. I have thought about the exhaust hood because I will be building a cabinet/hood cover around it to match the overall design. Thank you for your input.

Greg as you said, I look forward to feedback from the community. For those that use the program and do kitchens on a regular basis, please let me know your thoughts and experience. It would definitely help me in my design for the new house.