Hi Lynn,

I am probably not the person to answer this question, but I will offer my 2 cents worth of opinion.

My background too is furniture design and woodworking. I have used the golden ratio on a number of occasions in my designs and it definitely helps create a pleasing look. But I didn’t get carried away with it, and while I am not an architect or professional cabinetmaker, I don’t think the golden ratio plays a big roll in cabinet design. First of all you are restricted by any number of standards: height of a counter top, width of dishwashers, ovens, trash baskets, refrigerators etc. Not to mention the f act that a lot of kitchen hardware widths are dictated by cabinet width in 2 inch increments. Further, wall lengths are random and long relative to counter top heights, already destroying the golden ratio. Kitchen design is mostly driven by functionality. So while the golden ratio and other architectural tools are useful when the situation permits, I don’t think they play a big role. It is important to remember that the nautilus shell wasn’t designed using the golden ratio. Rather nature created a beautiful design, and millions of years later we humans discovered a rectangle that occurs in a geometric way. So while it is a tool, it is not definitive.