Hey Joe,

In fact I have been plying with the latest beta version for about 10 days (I wrote you guys a few weeks back) and have been compiling a list regarding some bugs (Mac user, but not the same as the posted bugs I’ve already viewed) and some places where I’m personally struggling to either adopt the program to my building style, or just simply behind the learning curve. The overlay issue was one of those items and since I found that topic here already I decided to contribute. If you would prefer I not pipe in until version 2 is in the works just let me know.. I’d hate to overstep my bounds. As I mentioned in my letter to you and Greg, I have been searching for many years to find a program adaptable to my manufacturing process, and so far Cabwriter comes closer than most. I still have lots of testing to do but would certainly like to contribute. Am I to assume that the version I downloaded last week will have some upgrades in the trial version…i.e. ability to try “overlay”?

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