Hi Richard,

I take it you have not tested out CabWriter yet? We froze code for revision 1.0 today and expect to have it available for purchase on Friday of this week. But a 30 day trial with full functionality is available to all potential customers. You should check back on Friday to give it a spin.

I am hoping that Greg joins in here. He is the real cabinetmaker. I am a ‘cabinetmaker’, but my work is limited to furniture, not much in the way of custom cabinets., though I have built about five kitchens over my life as a weekend warrior. I primary contribution here is writing software. That said I have never been know to shy away from giving my opinion ;<) I have researched on line for the definition of full overlay and half overlay, and while there is some consistency you can also find a lot of disagreement. CabWriter doesn't much care about the terms themselves. Full overlay can be whatever the user defines it to be in the parameters they set. If it is a frame-less design you can specify a gap of any dimension. If it is a face frame overlay design you can specify the overlay. If it is an inset design you again specify the gaps. With CabWriter you can present a client three designs: inset, overlay and frame-less overlay or a fourth which is a combination of face frame and frame-less (Greg uses that style a lot with his customers). If you are real gutsy presenter you can change from one type to the other in real time with the client watching simply by loading a new parameter file and re-drawing the cabinets. One thing we don't do in CabWriter is draw cabinets with single sheet dividers. Our view has been that building each box with its own sides makes construction quicker, easier and saves substantially in labor costs. The small increase in material costs if far out weighed by labor savings, especially when you consider building out for hinges on face frame designs. But I would love to hear your opinion on that. As I said, version 1.0 is locked down, but shortly we will begin working on version 2.0 and we will again want beta testers to help define what changes and new functionality we need in 2.0. If you are interested let us know and we will keep you on the beta tester list. Joe....