Hi John,

Thank you for your kind words. I started woodworking at about the same age. In fact that is where I got the idea for the story stick. I was about eight at the time and my brother who was 12 years my senior was a young carpenter. My family was poor and everyone worked and supported the family in whatever way they could. My brother was building a house for my sister. When completed he started to build kitchen cabinets. I have vivid memories of him asking my sister what she wanted for cabinets and he would record it on a stick about 10′ long and about an inch square in cross section. I remember asking him what he was going to do with the stick and remember him calling it a story stick and how he would bring it to the shop in lieu of shop drawings. The cabinets, by the way, were entirely made of plywood, including the door/drawer fronts and boxes; pretty common in the fifties. When Greg and I started on this project it seemed natural to me to use the story stick paradigm and it has worked out great.

I am sending you an installation file for Construction Plus which has the moisture calculator extension. I will send it to your email address. Let me know if you have any problems.