Hi Jeff,
Thanks for getting in touch; very wise to get up to speed before diving into the trial.

For doors, we do give a cutlist and draw it part by part. For, drawers, though, you’re right we just draw a cube representing the drawer and give the outside dimensions. We did this because as a low cost program, we had to make choices as to what to implement out of the gate. Since the majority of pro shops purchase their drawers, it seemed like a good compromise. However, we are considering adding the capability in upcoming versions. Most likely, we would continue to draw a cube representing the drawer, but if we know how the drawer is constructed (side thickness, construction method, dovetail allowance, etc.) we could at least generate an accurate cutlist even though the drawer is not drawn part by part. We have also had requests to support things like Blum’s Legrabox, which is a similar problem; generating a parts list based on a set of formulas. In the short term, it wouldn’t be too difficult to create a spreadsheet that took the outside dimensions of the drawers that we provide and turn it into a parts list.
So, in summary, we can accommodate you on the doors right now and hope to support drawer cutlists in the future…

Thanks again,