Hi Jeremy,
Yes, but if you change the paper size, you have to move all the lines and title block around to resize everything to fit that paper size. I use the D sized format because I have a plotter, but I also have a wide format ink jet printer that will print 13″ x 19″ paper which is almost the same proportion as a 24 x 36 D size, which means I can just shrink it when I do the printing and scale it down. It doesn’t scale well to other paper sizes, so if you want to make a template for a different paper size, you’ll have to manually shrink and move everything. It’s just a bunch of lines and text on the title block layer in Layout. You might think about purchasing this PDF book on LayOut:
It really helped me better understand LayOut and how to work with it. At the point you’re at, it’s nothing to do with CabWriter and everything to do with using LayOut to it’s fullest advantage and this guide is what I use when I have questions.