My first post to this forum so I’ll add a little background. My focus is furniture and non-kitchen cabinetry. I’ve been using Sketchup for a few years and have been learning/using Vectric Aspire and CNC for about a year. The last 2 cabinet projects I did would have been much easier with a tool like CabWriter so here I am exploring. I’ve watched the 6 in-depth training videos and am quite impressed. So, from the shallow end of the pool, kudos!

My question is about dados/rabbets, which is why I tagged onto this feature request. I really need CabWriter to generate dados and rabbets as these are pretty fundamental to the sorts of cabinets I build. Bookshelves, entertainment centers, living room shelving, etc. Casework, more than kitchen cabinets. So, please add my voice to this existing feature request.

On a related note, sliding dovetails are important to these sorts of cabinets. I think if CabWriter simply generated a line/vector where the sliding dovetails go with some sort of tag/note that said what it was, it would be pretty simple to get Vectric to generate the appropriate tool path. Something to consider.

Thanks for the preview. I’m looking forward to some experimentation beyond watching the training videos. Big thumbs up.